GJ functions on over 10 years of experience and is a leading real estate company in the UAE. We cater to your specific needs over a trust-based work ethic. With our vast amount of experience and knowledge in the industry as well highly trained professional to back it up; you can rest assured you are receiving the best services in the real estate market. We cater to your specific needs by personalizing the work we do for you by matching you with professionals who diligently provide excellent service may it be for buyers or sellers. Your feedback is incorporated so we can help guide you better and also that helps achieve results beyond your expectations. We keep smooth two-way communication so that we may achieve high returns on your investments.

What we stand for: Whether it be a residential or commercial project we have a reputation of providing high standard work ethic that does not compromise on a client’s needs. We work on the clock to provide integrated professional knowledge across all sectors of property may that be a hotel, retail, residential, office and many more. We believe in high efficiency and approach all projects with not only all your needs in mind but how to achieve them in the most effective way. Our easy and flexible payment plans make it even easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Leave it to us to find something that fits perfectly in your budget but never compromises on a property that meets your standards.

We strive to leave a lost lasting impression on our clients where the relationship is trust based and interactions are smooth sailing. We value two-way communication and love knowing any changes or feedback in your property hunt and are happy to oblige to any or all these changes. We are committed to finding the right place for you and work strategically to get things done with perfection.


Conquer Towers is built for high living with a wide range of apartment sizes that caters to everyone. A completely exquisite and high-end investment opportunity.

Conquer Tower provides amenities that are unmatched and ensures every member of the family finds something just for them. We have unlimited choices to ensure you find the home that's perfect for you and your family.

Oasis Towers provides a breathtaking view and a vibe that will bewilder all residents and make investing in a high-end luxury home even more worth it.

Envision a luxurious, creekside building with top-notch facilities that cater to the utmost needs of a homeowner and you’ve just imagined your perfect home, at Oasis Tower